You better sit down when I type out these statistics 

      There is 19 billion dollars owed the landlords in judgments

 Good news? 

70% of those awarded judgments can be collected 

Judgment, interest & court costs. 

It could buy the Hawaiian Islands with money left over for the Pilothouse luxury yacht. 

You will need the training and the guidance to be assigned the judgments

  Training in the Post-Judgment proceedings to collect!

 After collecting $300k in judgments I can set your sails in the right direction

Why do the landlords leave all this money sitting on the table?

The majority of landlords are unaware of the Post-Judgment proceedings to collect.

They may have heard of the token Wage Garnishment but it spans into Bank Levies, Personal Property, Debtors Examination (Discovery) to the ultimate Bench Warrant.

They have spend their lives listening to the Landlord Grapevine.


The court that has the most judgments awarded is the Eviction court and all 50 states have this court procedure.

In the Eviction court, the landlord seeks possession and a money judgment. 

This is the court where you will find judgment creditors with numerous judgments if not hundreds of unpaid judgments.

The best way is to scan the Eviction cases from the courthouse website and the landlord’s names are available

Some of the websites have the landlord’s address. If the address is not available, we can google search the landlord’s name and it should be easy to pick up. 

Once we gather the potential creditor’s names & addresses, we will send out a letters suggesting selling their judgments. 

We will already have done research on their judgments such as amount, date of issuance & location of their rental business

It is their lack of training and their listening to the landlord grapevine that have them stuck in the mud

Judgments awarded are a gold mine!