The ultimate Collect Back Rent Landlord Training Manual will show you how to serve eviction notices, explain the eviction process, and demonstrate how to process small claims to obtain the judgment.

This audiobook also covers wage garnishment, bank levy, levy on personal property, and discovery (debtors exam) to collect. Yes, it even covers the the bench warren that is issued for the former tenant in the debtors exam, as well as forms, procedures, and courtroom etiquette.

Do you have a non-paying tenant?

Do you need training in the eviction court from a landlord who has been there?

Collect Back Rent Eviction Process starts out with the three types of eviction notices, eviction process (all 50 states) and getting ready for a trial, forms, procedures examples of courtroom scenarios, must for the landlord that represents themselves in court.

Has a tenant moved out of your rental property owing rent and damages?

Do you want your money?

Learn how to file the small claims court documents to be awarded a judgment. Learn all about forms, procedures, and courtroom scenarios. Let’s get that money that you deserve!

Awarded a judgment in the Eviction or Small Claims court? Do you want to collect on the judgment, court costs, and interest? Are you buying judgments and want to collect? Learn the four post-judgment procedures to collect.

Seventy percent of all judgments can be collected with proper training, forms, and procedures to start collecting.

Mrslandlady (Cynthia Schmidt) has collected more than $300,000 in post-judgment proceedings and knows how to get the money! Author and teacher of the Collect Back Rent Training Course for Landlords.

How do I start buying other creditor’s judgments to buy?

Where do I find the judgments to buy?

How do I purchase the judgments?

Should I pay cash upfront or pay in the future?

What are the statutes in my specific state?

Find answers to these and more questions in this book and find forms, procedures, and examples of judgments to buy.