Written by a landlord for the landlords in a language they can understand. Collect Back Rent Eviction Process starts out with the 3 types of Eviction Notices, Eviction Process (all 50 states) and getting ready for a trial,

Forms, procedures examples of courtroom scenarios , Must for the landlord that represents themselves in court


The manual consists of the Notices, Eviction Process for all 50 states, filing the Complaint and Summons to the trial. When the tenant moves out owing rent and/or damages, the landlord will file a Small Claims case.

Cynthia starts out with ways to find the former tenants and sending out the Demand Notice., It also details the Small Claims procedure for all 50 states, filing and serving the court documents and preparing for the court hearing.

Forms, procedures and courtroom scenarios will make your court date successful!


Awarded a judgment and want your money? Are you buying judgments and want to collect? Learn the four post-judgment procedures to collect. 70% of all judgments can be collected with proper training.

Forms and procedures to start collecting. Just added 20 pages (Courtroom Anxiety, Serving the Court Documents, Contempt of Court and Judgment Debtor files Bankruptcy. 78 pages of needed education on collecting on judgments.

I have collected over $300,000 in judgments and I can show you the procedures!


This manual is what the landlord needs in this tough time collecting the rent. Learn to deal with a non-paying tenant, collect and purchase the awarded judgments.

The ultimate Collect Back Rent Landlord Training Manual will show you how to serve the Eviction Notices, Eviction Process, Small Claims to obtain the judgment. Wage Garnishment, Bank Levy, Levy on Personal Property and Discovery to collect, Yes, it evens covers the Bench Warrant that is issued for the former tenant in the Debtors Exam.

Forms, procedures and courtroom etiquette to make sure the process is easy.

The manual also covers being assigned judgments to collect with state laws, purchasing, researching and evaluating the assigned judgments.


Learn how to the buy other creditor’s judgments and collect on the assigned judgments.

Where do I find the judgments to buy?

How do I purchase the judgments?

Cash upfront or future pay?

What are the statutes in my specific state?

Forms, procedures and examples of judgments to buy.

Collecting on the judgments with the Wage Garnishment, Bank Levy, Levy on Personal Property, Discovery, Bench Warrant to Judgment Satisfied.

Forms; procedures and courtroom tips to collect. Post-judgment flowchart takes you step by step thru the procedures.

Cynthia has collected over $300,000 in judgments and so can you!