When the landlord is granted possession and/or a money judgment in the Eviction court, the defendant has a certain amount of time to vacate the judgment. All 50 states have this grace period and it can be 3 days up to 30 days so be sure to check your state statute.

Right away the landlord panics and thinks the worse! They will live in there forever! The bottom line it is usually a tactic from the evicted tenant to stall for more time. Don’t worry after you learn how to collect they will be paying for everyday they live there with interest. Naturally, the landlord feels lost because he/she lacks the training and confidence needed in the courtroom. The cost of my Collect Back Rent Training Course is the cost to file the Eviction. You will be able to handle the courtroom and collect on the judgment. I have witnessed tons of landlords walking out of the courthouse with that judgment looking rejected. All they would have to do is purchase the course and reverse that feeling to the non-paying tenant. 

This is not your bill. 
 You deserve to get that money!

The landlord will receive a notice through the mail stating that the defendant has filed a motion to vacate the judgment. The courts will have scheduled a motion hearing with date and time. This automatically stops the sheriff from removing the defendant. Any extra costs that accrue will be added to the Post-Judgment proceedings to collect.

At the motion hearing, the Judge will review any new evidence to reverse the decision. If the landlord followed the procedures correctly, the Judge will deny the motion. Be sure to motion for immediate possession and see what the Judge decides.

If the Judge denies immediate possesion have the extra rent amount calculated from the time of the first possession date to the date of the motion. Ask the Judge to grant the extra amount of rent that has accrued to the original judgment.