Small Claims Case in Texas

Hello investors, just an update from a Small Claims case out of Dallas, Texas. Connie purchased the course when Gary & I spoke at Jimmy Reed’s group. Connie’s tenant moved out of her rental property owing 2 month’s rent (2,500) and damages of ($1,670).

The first step was sending an itemized statement to the former tenant concerning the security deposit of $1,250 which left $420 in owing. In the deposit letter we enclosed a Demand Notice for $2,500 (rent) & $420 (damages). 

Connie waited 30 days with no response and filed a Small Claims case for $2,920 plus costs.The defendant was served at his employment by a licensed server.

Defendant hired an attorney. Connie presented her case after intense mentoring with Proof of Service of Small Claims Complaint & Summons, Move-In Checklist, Demand Notice, Rental Agreement, Itemized Statement of the Security Deposit, Pictures & Receipts of the Damages ($420) plus a Witness. After presenting her case, the Defendant’s Attorney suggested a settlement of $2,600 plus costs. She accepted the settlement and has received the check from the attorney’s office.

 Connie beat an attorney after becoming a Collect Back Rent Team Member