Hello investors, just an update from a Small Claims case out of Dallas, Texas. Connie purchased the course when Gary & I spoke at Jimmy Reed’s group. Connie’s tenant moved out of her rental property owing 2 month’s rent (2,500) and damages of ($1,670).

The first step was sending an itemized statement to the former tenant concerning the security deposit of $1,250 which left $420 in owing. In the deposit letter we enclosed a Demand Notice for $2,500 (rent) & $420 (damages). 


Connie waited 30 days with no response. She immediately started studying the Collect Back Rent Training Course (Texas Version). In the Texas manual was the Small Claims procedure for Texas and the forms filled out that will be needed.

She filed a Small Claims case for $2,920 plus costs. She was unaware of his new address so we decided to go to his job. The defendant was served at his employment by a licensed server. He has to be aware that when you owe people-they will come looking for you.

Defendant hired an attorney. Connie presented her case after intense mentoring with Proof of Service of Small Claims Complaint & Summons, Move-In Checklist, Demand Notice, Rental Agreement, Itemized Statement of the Security Deposit, Pictures & Receipts of the Damages ($420) plus a Witness.

After presenting her case, the Defendant’s Attorney suggested a settlement of $2,600 plus costs. She accepted the settlement and has received the check from the attorney’s office.

I received a call from Connie and she was totally convinced that the Collect Back Rent Training Course is the #1. She said she won’t have gone after the tenants who moved out owing rent and damages. She would have listened to the landlord grapevine that directs you to look a blind eye. Let the tenant steal and damage your home and look for more property to buy. It was the best money she ever received!