Gary and I have had over 500 tenants and there is no getting around serving your quit or pay notices. Sure, I have heard about the courtesy letter, giving tenants Christmas gifts to throwing snakes in the kitchen but that is not a business blueprint.

The majority of states have the quit or pay notice statute which can differ from the days the tenant has to pay. Some states allow the landlord to proceed to file the Eviction when the tenant fails to pay and the tenant has to right to pay.

Here are some examples:

  1.  Alabama: 7 days if lease fails to state a time
  2.  Arizona: 5 days
  3.  California: 3 days
  4.  District of Columbia 30 days
  5.  Georgia: Landlord may proceed to Eviction when tenant fails to pay
  6.  Illinois: 5 days
  7.  Indiana: 10 days
  8.  Kentucky: 7 days in lease 30 days if not
  9.  Missouri: Landlord may obtain the Eviction when tenant fails to pay
  10. Wisconsin: 5 days if lease is over one year-30 days
  1. Show your new tenant the quit or pay notice when you are at the lease signing. Get them ready that when the rent is late, you will definitely serve the notice.
  2. Make a date when you go out and personally serve your quit or pay notices. Check your state statutes if there is a grace period for the rent to be late’
  3. Make a copy of the notice and serve the notice personally. Sending it in the mail is just jamming up the procedure.
  4. Put it in the an envelope and hand it to the tenant. No talking!
  5.  If you have an extremely disgruntled tenant, bring a witness when you serve the notice. In court, we can have an Affidavit that states that they witnessed you serving the notice.
  6.  When they pay partial I would accept the payment and immediately serve them the quit or pay for remaining balance..

Written by a landlord for the landlords in language they can understand. Cynthia has collected over $300,000 in awarded judgments and knows how to get the money.

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Gary and Cynthia Schmidt have been landlords for over 30 years with over 500 tenants. The Schmidt’s couldn’t take when the tenants lived in the rentals and didn’t pay the rent. After a couple evictions, Cynthia dove into the Post-Judgment Proceedings to collect. Cynthia represented herself in court and has collected over $300,000 in judgments.